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Chinese Learning

We teach Putonghua Chinese encompassing a 21st century approach.  With a well balanced mix of traditional elements and modern methods, our students will first master basics in the language before progressing to more advanced levels.

Foundation students are first taught elementary oral, listening, character recognisation and stroke order writing skills. 


Kindergarteners classes are fun and play with songs, circle time, flash cards and pencil time.


Primary students who have mastered speech/listening will practice on reading and writing.


More advanced students will focus on reading comprehension, grammar and creative writing technique reinforcement.


Secondary students who need exam prep will focus on test taking skills.  Our teachers also teach IB/AP/IGCSE Chinese exam preparation.


We emphasize on small class teaching coupled with individualized learning.

Our students come from many local and international schools: HKIS, CIS, CDNIS, SIS, ISF, VSA, ESF, GSIS, Kellett, Harrow, DGS, DBS, SPCC, SSCPS etc.

Our teachers are all from Mainland China with degrees of Bachelor or Masters for Chinese / Chinese teaching.  Both Simplified and Traditional characters are taught according to each student's needs.

Chinese is not just a language.  It is a culture full of history.  Our aim is to provide a Chinese focused environment for our international students.


New Winter/Spring Term enrolment has begun:

January t0 June 15, 2024 (Feb 10- 17 CNY Break & Mar 29 to Apr 6 Easter Break)

For discounts and details, please click on Weekday Chinese button below.

Our Saturday PTH Fun class includes:

1 hour focused Chinese Learning + 1 hour PTH Art/STEM/Culture.

9.00-11.00am or 1.00-3.00pm

Children will be engaged in fun activities all the while learning Putonghua.

For discounts and details, please click on Saturday Fun button.

Enroll until Jun 15, 2024 for 10% discount.

Enroll before Mar 31, 2024 for 5% discount.

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