Chinese Learning

We teach Putonghua Chinese encompassing a 21st century approach.  With a well balanced mix of traditional elements and modern methods, our students will first master basics in the language before progressing to more advanced levels.

Foundation students are first taught elementary oral, listening, character recognization and stroke order writing skills.  Advanced students focus on reading comprehension, grammar and creative writing technique reinforcement.  IB/AP/GCSE students are prepped for their exams.  We emphasize on small class teaching coupled with individualized learning.

Our teachers are all from Mainland China with degrees of Bachelor or Masters for Chinese / Chinese teaching.  Both Simplified and Traditional characters are taught according to each student's needs.

Chinese is not just a language.  It is a culture full of history.  Our aim is to provide a Chinese focused environment for our international students.

New Autumn Term 2020 enrolment (mid August to December 2020) has just started. 

$500 off for once a week enrolment or $1000 off for twice a week enrolment if enroll before August 1, 2020.

$300 off for once a week enrolment or $600 off for twice a week enrolemnt if enroll before August 22, 2020.

For discounts and details, please click on the Enrolment Form button.


+852 3427 9619 / 9197 7289

Unit 1702 17/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

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